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PVR Plus 3.0

Analog TV Stick Pro is using the same dimension packaging with KWorld Plus
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If you are not hunting for the slimmest USB TV Tuner card then KWorld USB Analog TV Stick Pro should be one of your great choices because it still has great functions just like KWorld Plus TV Hybrid USB Pro Stick except not support Digital TV. KWorld USB Analog TV Stick Pro is much more cheaper which around USD40 and I would say it is more stable as well because it is running very cool condition which should last longer in ideal case. There is just one concern from us is the remote control where it isn't integrated inside the dongle but why bother if you don't use it often like us unless your PC is located quite far away from your seat. We would recommend this KWorld USB Analog TV Stick Pro for you if you are looking for a more flexible USB TV Tuner card.

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